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Monday, May 19, 2014

Who are you in a relationship with?

Are you married? Are you in a committed relationship? Then this is for you.

When something good happens in your life and you have exciting news, who's the first person you want to tell? Who's the first person you want to talk to when you wake up, the last before bed, and whose texts/calls do you look for the most? If the answer was not your significant other, you are not really in a relationship with them. Well, you are, but it's not one set up for success.

If the reason you are looking to others to share with your joys and life is because you are genuinely unhappy with your significant other, then you need to end the relationship. You're wasting your time and the other person's, and you're only postponing the inevitable.

If you're happy with your significant other, but you're still focusing your attention and all of your "good side" on other relationships, you need to reassess your priorities.

Relationships are like gardens -- they must be watered, worked, and weeded to grow. Whatever relationship you tend is the one that will grow, and the most important one should be the one you forge with your significant other. They should be the first person you want to call, the first you want to talk to about your day.

If not...well, you've got a problem.

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