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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Why I Refuse to Look at the Leaked Celebrity Photos

I'm sure you've heard about it. Recently, several well-known female celebrities were the victims of a hacking, releasing many of their intimate photos to the public. As far as I know, no male celebrities were targeted. Regardless, I was shocked and appalled at the sheer number of people that a) viewed the photos, b) went in search of the photos, c) shared the photos, and d) made particular comments about the photos.

Some people argued that "If they didn't want them out there, they shouldn't have taken them" or "Well, they should have known better than to keep them in the Cloud." Really? I have many pictures of myself in various states of undress. They are personal, but a hacker could, if they really wanted to, get them off of my computer. No form of technology is truly secure. We all have the right to take whatever pictures we want. We also have a right to privacy, and a right to expect others to respect our privacy. These hackers violated these women's privacy, and those of you that have viewed the photos and/or shared them have furthered that violation.

What disgusts me even more is the commentary following the photo leak, especially on male-dominated talk shows. They rate these women's bodies like meat in the supermarket, calling them "hot" or "surprisingly fit for their age" or "ugh, too soft, she needs to put her clothes back on." I have news for you. These women did not take their clothes of for you. They did not take these photos for you. You are violating their privacy.

Some may make the argument, "Well, many of these celebrities pose in swimsuits or even star in magazines or movies in the buff. So what? That is what they choose to share with you.

These photos being leaked and the subsequent viewing and sharing is a direct violation of privacy, as these celebrities did not voluntarily share them with you.

So for those of you that have furthered these violations, please, go scrub your eyes out with soap. While you're crying bubbly tears, kindly pray that you will never have a daughter and that if you do, no one will ever treat her like these women were treated.

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